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If you are using this website and would like to see your league listed here please leave your league name and link in the chatbox or you can Message me on Yahoo Messenger.

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Welcome to Little Angell´s Td Training Help


We have now got Live Chat on this Website. You will be able to see if I am online or not. If it says I am offline then fill out the email me form found on this site and I will email you back as soon as possible.

I have been a T.D. on Club Pogo and for 8 different Leagues since 2005. The reason I decided to build this website is because I know how long it takes an Admin of a league to train a new td up. This site is only for MyLeague Leagues.

You will find on this website how to create a tournament in Single Elim, Double Elim, Regular Swiss Style and True Swiss Style, how to run a tournament in all Elim´s, how to close out of a tournament, how to do a fancy background for your Tournament pages, and links to other websites that might be of some use to a new T.D.

I have also got tutorials on how to edit any league front page so you can add the custom pages that some websites do.

I would like to say a big thank you to SassysexyQueen4U for the suggestion for Keyboard Express Tutorial and TypeItIn Pro Tutorial and also to Wmarmar56 for the suggestion for Paper Tournament Video´s in all Eliminations.

If you have got any suggestions for this website please email me them or you can find us on facebook. All you have to do is click on the image below to go to our facebook page.

If you would like your own online Calculation Sheet like the one that I have got on this website then email me with what sort of one you would like. You can also pick your own colours too.

Donation and Facebook
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Site News Tourney Page Websites
30th March 2017
I am busy redesigning this website and adding video tutorials but my written one's will stay on the site so will have a choice on what version you will like to use.

30th August 2016
I have added AIM to this Website and removed some old links that are no longer working.

5th July 2016
I have moved this site to a new server and corrected the email me form.

12th April 2016
I have added a new tutorial on how to get rid of blue lines during a Swiss Tournament. Thank you goes out to Denis for making the surgestion for this Tutorial.

01st April 2016
It has been brought to my attention that some of the links to backdoors images are broken. I have now correct them all so you shouldn´t have any problems downloading them now as I have moved them over to Microsoft OneDrive.

17th July 2015
I have decided to do away with the music code pages as the cost of the server was to much for my pocket.

20th May 2015
I have decided to make up all of the music pages first as I didn´t realise I had so much music on my pc. Also it was brought to my attention that the online and downloadable spreadsheet wasn´t working correctly and I have now corrected it and all should be working now.

5th April 2015
All of A Artists are up on the music section of this site.

26th March 2015
I am adding music players codes to go onto your Tournament page. Please bear with me while I sort my music out and make the pages up. I have added 10cc, 911, A1 and Abba players codes to the site so far. Also there is a tutorial on how to add a music player to your Tournament page.

27th February 2015
I have been busy revamping this website and adding a couple of new things to the site and at long last I am finished.
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I do not make any claims (implied or otherwise) to the artwork I have used here on my site. All the tubes, masks, plugins, & fonts are used under the "Fair Use Act" and all copyrights belong to the origional artists.


Design by Christine Angell
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Single Elimination Tutorial´s

Icon   How to Create   Revised
Icon   How to Run   Revised
Icon   How to Close Out   Revised

Double Elimination Tutorial´s

Icon   How to Create   Revised
Icon   How to Run   Revised
Icon   How to Close Out   Revised

Regular Swiss Style Tutorial´s

Icon   How to Create   Revised
Icon   How to Run   Revised
Icon   How to Close Out   Revised
Icon   How to Get Rid of Blue Lines During a Swiss Tournament   New

True Swiss Style Tutorial´s

Icon   How to Create   Revised
Icon   How to Run   Revised
Icon   How to Close Out   Revised
Icon   How to Get Rid of Blue Lines During a Swiss Tournament   New

Other Tutorial´s

Icon   How to Change Ur Tour Page   Revised
Icon   How to Add Music to Your Tour Page   New
Icon   How to Setup & Use Keyboard Express   Revised
Icon   How to Setup & Use Type It In Pro   Revised
Icon   How to Install Setup & Use Shortkeys   Revised
Icon   How to Install Setup & Use Shortkeys Lite   Revised

Adnin Tutorial´s

Icon   How to Add A Custom Page to Ur League   Revised
Icon   How to Add A Music Player   Revised
Icon   How to Add Backdoors   Revised
Icon   How to Add Cbox   Revised
Icon   How to Add Clocks   Revised
Icon   How to Add Images & Make Them Clickable   Revised
Icon   How to Add Members Birthdays   Revised

Radio Station Links

Icon   Aces-Aces Radio
Icon   Inglorious Radio   new
Icon   Kiwi Bird Radio
Icon   Revolution Radio
Icon   Rockin Doc Radio
Icon   Timeless Radio
Icon   Tutt Radio

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