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How to Set Up and Use Keyboard Express

Keyboard Express costs $29.95 to buy. You do get a 30 day trial to try it out when you download it.

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1. Add Keyboard Express Shortcut to Your Desktop

Add Keyboard Express Shortcut to Your Desktop

Once you have installed Keyboard on your pc you need to go to all programs and look for it. Once you have found it right click on it and then choose send to then click on Desktop (create shortcut).

2. Shortcut on Your Desktop

Shortcut on Your Desktop

Now you should find a shortcut on your desktop for Keyboard Express. Now you will need to click on the shortcut.

3. Keyboard Express Has Opened

Keyboard Express Has Opened

Now you´re in Keyboard Express Explorer. Look on the left hand side and you should see Categories with 2 folders in it named All Categories and Unassigned.

4. Add A Category to the List (Part One)

Add A Category to the List (Part One)

Now this is how you add a category to Keyboard Express. Look at the top toolbar and look for Category then click on it once then select New Category.

5. Add A Category to the List (Part Two)

Add A Category to the List (Part Two)

Now you click on New Category and you will see a new category folder come up on the left hand side. Now name it what you want to name it.

6. Add A Hot Key (Macro) (Part One)

Add A Hot Key (Macro) (Part One)

Now I want you to look on the right side and you will see HotKey Explorer, Add Hot Key, Hot Key Editor, Capture and Recycle Bin. Now you will need to click on Add Hotkey.

7. Add A Hot Key (Macro) (Part Two)

Add A Hot Key (Macro) (Part Two)

Now select Ctrl+A and then click on Enter Keystrokes. Please Remember This: Never Use Ctrl+C Or Ctrl+V As These Are Your Shortkeys For Copy And Paste On Your Keyboard. If You Do Use Them You Won´t Be Able To Use Them As Copy And Paste Shortkey´s.

8. Add A Hot Key (Macro) (Part Three)

Add A Hot Key (Macro) (Part Three)

Now you can see that you´re in Hotkey Editor. Where it says Nickname You will put For Example: Jungle Gin 100 No Knocking Rules. Now Where I Have Written Copy And Paste Just Paste In The Rules That You Have been Given.

9. Add A Hot Key (Macro) (Part Four)

Add A Hot Key (Macro) (Part Four)

Now you can see I have added Jungle Gin rules. To get the delay up on each line just look on the left hand side of the page and double click on Delay, then type in 04.00 then click on ok.

10. Back to Hotkey Explorer

Back to Hotkey Explorer

Now on the right hand side of the look for Hotkey Explorer click it. It should come up with Do you want to save changes and all you have is do is click on yes.

11. Keyboard Express Explorer

Keyboard Express Explorer

Now you can see that you have added a Hotkey to Keyboard Express. Click on the Category Unassigned then drag and drop the rule you just did to the New Category that you had added. All Hotkey's will show up in All Categories.

Now just repeate from Steps 6 to Step 11 until you have done all your rules.

12. How to Run a Hotkey

It is very easy to run a Hotkey all you have to do is hold down Ctrl+A together and it will run the Hotkey for you or Ctrl+What The Hotkey Shortkey Is. Also make sure you have the cursor in the chat lobby of where you want to run the hotkey. Never open another window as this will make the hotkey run it that window instead.

That is all you have to know about Keyboard Express and how to use it.

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