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How To Run A Double Elimination Tournament

On this page you will find a step to step Tutorial on how to run an double elimination tournament.

Drag The Arrow To Mark Your Progress.

1. TD Administration Center

TD Administration Center

Now you´re back in TD Administration Center. Now you will need to click on Administer Tournaments.

2. Created Tournaments

Created Tournaments

On this page you will find the tournament that you have created. Click on the number that you will find under ID #. I have underlined it for you.

3. Change Your Seeding

Change Your Seeding

Make sure you that change your Seeding from Rating to Random. To do this click on the little arrow found next to the word Rating and select Random. I have put a square around it for you. Now click on Change Seeding´s.

4. Your Seeding´s Have Changed

Your Seeding´s Have Changed

This is what the page looks like after you have click on Change Seeding. Now Click on Return To Administer Tourney #Your Tourney Number Will Be Here.

5. Open Check In

Open Check In

Click on Open Check-In but for a real tournament you will need to open Check-In the day before your Tournament starts. This will allow players to join in your Tournaments. As this is a fake Tournament you will have to add the players yourself.

6. Check-In Has Opened

Check-In Has Opened

This is the page that you will get after you clicked on Open Check-In. Now click on Return to Administer Tourney #Your Tournament Number Will Be Here.

7. How to Add Fake Players

How to Add Fake Players

Click on Tournament Main Page and just register the Fake Players. The Fake player name and password you will be able to find below. Just remember that in a real tournament member´s will sign up for your tournament.

 Name   Password 
 Denmark  123
Canada 123
Germany 123
Holland 123
Spain 123
Russia 123
Finland 123
Belgium 123
Italy 123
Korea 123
Austria 123
 Australia  123
USA 123
Mexico 123
Sweden 123
France 123
Norway 123
Greece 123
Brazil 123
Japan 123
England 123
Ireland 123
China 123

8. On Your Tournament Page

On Your Tournament Page

Now all you do on this page is click on Register.

9. Registering A Fake Player

Registering A Fake Player

As you belong to a league already you should know how to register for a Tournament and it isn´t any different with a Fake player. So do this for 10 Fake Players that you can find on Step 7. Once you have added the fake players go back to TD Center.

10. Close Registration

Close Registration

Now it´s time to run your fake Tournament so you click on Close Registration.

11. Registration Has Closed

Registration Has Closed

Once you have closed Registration you will see Registration Is Closed so you just click on Return to Administer Tourney #Your Tournament Number Will Be Here.

12. Start Tournament

Start Tournament

Now click on Start Tournament.

13. Pairs Are Up

Pairs Are Up

Once you have clicked on Start Tournament you will see Pairs Are Up. Now click on Return to Administer Tournament #Your Tournament Number Will Be Here.

14. Tournament In Progress

Tournament In Progress

Now you´re back in Tournament Administration and you will need to scroll down the page until you see the word Standings.

15. Your Tournament Pairs (Part One)

Your Tournament Pairs (Part One)

Once you have found the word Standings you will need to click on Double-Elim Standings Page as this is where you get your pairs from. All players will start in the upper bracket. As from Round 2 will you see players in the lower bracket.

16. Your Tournament Pairs (Part Two)

Your Tournament Pairs (Part Two)

Players will move down into lower bracket when they have lost a round in the upper bracket. If a player loses a 2nd time they are out of the Tournament. Keep Standings page open but remember to refresh the page when giving out new pairs.

17. How To Post A Win (Part One)

How To Post A Win (Part One)

Go back to Tourney Administration and you click on Report Match.

18. How To Post A Win (Part Two)

How To Post A Win (Part Two)

You will need to type in your fake td password where it says YOUR PASSWORD but in a live tournament it will be your own td password. Now this is how you report a win. Let´s say China won against Mexico, you will put a dot next to China and click on Report Loss.

19. Tournament Match Result Posted

Tournament Match Result Posted

You should see that is says China defeats Mexico. Now just click on Return to Administer Tournament # Your Tournament Number Will Be Here.

20. Lower Bracket (Part One)

Lower Bracket (Part One)

Now you can see that the lower bracket has got pairs in it. Just keep on giving pairs out like you do in the upper bracket. You will play the two bracket together always starting with the upper bracket.

21. Lower Bracket (Part Two)

Lower Bracket (Part Two)

Keep on reporting like in step 18 and continue to report in the same way for both brackets.

Once you see Update TD Stats File in Tourney Administration you will know that you are at the closing part of your tournament so Click Here to go to How To Close Out Of A Double Elimination Tournament.

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