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How to Install, Setup and Use Shortkeys Lite

Click Here to download Shortkeys Lite. Please remember that Shortkeys Lite only holds 10 or 15 Shortkeys after that you can´t add any more.

Drag The Arrow To Mark Your Progress

1. Installing Shortkeys

Installing Shortkeys

Once your have downloaded Shortkeys Lite you will need to install it onto your computer. So click on the icon you have just downloaded and then click on continue.

2. Advertising


When you see the Advertising screen just click on next.

3. License Agreement

License Agreement

Put a dot by I Agree and then click on next.

4. Select Start Menu Folder

Select Start Menu Folder

Now just click on Next.

5. Choose Destination Location

Choose Destination Location

Now just click on Next.

6. Run on Windows Startup

Run on Windows Startup

Now put a dot by No and then click on Next.

7. Start Installation

Start Installation

Now just click on Next.

8. Installing


Now you can see that ShortKeys is installing onto your Computer.

9. Installation Is Complete

Installation Is Complete

Uncheck the box that says View what´s New in this release of Shortkeys Lite now and then click on Finish.

10. Quick Setup Wizard

Quick Setup Wizard

You should see the above image on your screen just click on next.

11. Shortkeys Options

Shortkeys Options

Now type in 2 ## in Prefix Keys box like the image above and click on next. You might not have to do this as you may have done it while installing ShortKeys Lite.

12. Hint Window

Hint Window

Now just click on next.

13. Save Settings

Save Settings

Now click on finish.

14. Shortkeys Editor

Shortkeys Editor

Now go to Options/Preferences.

15. Activation


Now you should see the same image as above. We are going to set ShortKeys up now. Please remember these are the preferences that I use and you can change them to what you would like. Activation: Leave as it as it is.

16. Appearance

Now just leave it as it is.

17. Characters

Now just leave it as it is.

18. Delays


You will need to change this from 300 to 15000.

19. Dialogs

Now just leave it as it is.

20. Dictionary

Not available in the lite version.

21. Execution

Now just leave it as it is.

22. General


Require Exact Upper/Lowercase Match on ShortKey.

23. Hint

Now just leave it as it is.

24. Miscellaneous


Uncheck Treat CAPS as off and Hotkey to Enable/Disable ShortKey need to be Set to None.

25. Network

Not available in the lite version.

26. Startup


Make sure both boxes are unchecked. Now click on apply and then click on OK. That is all the Preferences done.

27. How to Add A Shortkey

How to Add A Shortkey

Now go to ShortKeys/Add ShortKey and click on Add ShortKey.

28. Adding Short Key

Adding Short Key

Now a new window should have open up like the one above.

29. Shortkey Title

Shortkey Title

Now where is says Original Shortkey type in the title of your ShortKey. For Example: I have named mine LEAGUEADDY as this is my advertisement for the league I am with and it is ran during my tours

30. Replacement Text

Replacement Text

Now where is says Replacement Text you will need to copy and Paste your Shortkey into the white box or type it in. Please make sure you put in <INSERT> on every line at the end. You might find that when on Pogo that the last line might not go up in the chat room. All you have to do is hit the Enter Key on your Keyboard and it will then show up in the chat room.

31. Save Shortkey

Save Shortkey

Now click on Save and Close.

32. Shortkeys Editor

Shortkeys Editor

Now you should be able to see the Shortkey you have just added to Shortkeys Lite.

33. How to Enable or Disenable A Shortkey

How to Enable or Disenable Shortkey

You need to highlight the ShortKey that you want to Enable or Disenable and then click on the light bulb Icon on the editor. (See Image above)

34. How to Run A Shortkey

Now when you want to run any of the ShortKeys you have got you will need to type in ##Name of ShortKey. For Example: ##LEAGUEADDY.

Please Remember You Can Only Have 5 Shortkeys Activated At Any Time.

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