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How To Install, Setup and Use Shortkeys

ShortKeys cost $24.95 to buy. You do get a 30 day Trial to try it out when you download it.

1. Installing Shortkeys

Installing ShortKeys

Once your have downloaded ShortKeys you will need to install it onto your computer. So click on the icon and then click on continue.

2. Installation Wizard

Installation Wizard

Now you should see a blue box come up like the one in the photo above.

3. Welcome


When you see the Welcome screen just click on next.

4. License Agreement

License Agreement

Put a dot by I Agree and then click on next.

5. Installation Type

Installation Type

Put a dot by Default Installation and then click on next.

6. Start Installation

Start Installation

Now click on next.

7. Installing


Now you can see that ShortKeys is installing onto your Computer.

8. Installation Complete

Installation Complete

Uncheck the box that says View what's New in this release of ShortKeys 3 now?

9. Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Make sure you have checked the box that says Do not show this the next time ShortKeys runs.

10. Quick Setup Wizard

Quick Setup Wizard

Now click on next.

11. Shortkeys Options

Shortkeys Options

Now click on next.

12. Hint Window

Hint Window

Now click on Next.

13. Save Settings

Save Settings

Now click on Finished.

14. Shortkeys Editor

Shortkeys Editor

Now go to Options/Preferences.

15. Activation


Uncheck Place in System Tray and also uncheck Close Button / Hides or Minimizes.

16. Appearance

Leave it as it is.

17. Dialogs

Leave it as it is.

18. Dictionary

Leave it as it is.

19. File System

Leave it as it is.

20. Playback General

Playback General

You will need to change the Prefix Keys to ## and Requires Exact Upper/Lowercase Match on Shortkey.

21. Playback Hint

Now leave it as it is.

22. Playback Delays

Playback Delays

Change all Shortkeys use from 300 to 150000 microseconds.

23. Startup


Uncheck Run when Windows starts up. You might get a security window come up. If you do just click on ok. Now click on Apply and then click on ok.

24. Licence Shortkeys

Licence ShortKeys

Now click on Help and then click on Licence Shortkeys.

25. Licence Information

Licence Information

Now type in your Name and the Activation Code you got in an email.

26. Shortkey New Category

ShortKey New Category

Now go to Category/New Category.

27. Create New Category

Create New Category

Under name type in the Category Name you want it to be. For Example: I have typed in BP League and then click on OK.

28. Add Shortkey

Add ShortKey

Now go to Shortkeys/Add Shortkey and a new window should open up.

29. Modify Shortkey

Modify Shortkey

There is a few things you need to do in this part. First off where it says Original ShortKey you will see a blank box. Click inside this box and type in the Name of the Shortkey. For Example: MYSHORTKEY. Don´t add any spaces. Now copy and paste your Shortkey text or type it in. Now click on the INSERT button and then click on Delay. Now type in 300 in the empty box and then click on OK. If you got more than one line you will need to add <INSERT> to each line and you can do this by click on Insert button. Now hover over Misc Key and then click on INSERT. Please DO NOT forget to Add A Delay to each line also. Now click on Save and Close.

30. Running A Shortkey

Running A ShortKey

Now repeat Steps 28 and 29. Once you have added all your shorkeys you will need to open up Notepad. Now type in ##NAMEOFSHORTKEY and you should see it typing the text out. If it don´t type out you need to check the name of the Shortkey.

That is how you Install, Setup and run Shortkeys.

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