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How to Get Rid of Blue Lines During A Tourney

In this Tutorial I will be explaining how to correct blue line on any Swiss Tournament. I have also added a 2 downloadable files with MyLeague's Blue Lines Guidelines and Swiss Tourney Rules. ---> Click Here to Download Blue Line Guidelines and Swiss Tourney Rules<---

Drag The Arrow To Mark Your Progress

Step One

Blue Line 1

When you see a blue line on any of your pairings you must swap them by clicking on the little down arrow by Player 1. NEVER swap the First Pairing in any part of your Tournament.

Step Two

Blue Line 2

Now choose the First Players name on the List. E.g. I have picked out England on the list.

Step Three

Blue Line 3

Now repeat steps 01 and 02 for player 2. In my image you can see I picked out Denmark.

Step Four

Blue Line 4

Now click on swap players.

Step Five

Blue Line 5

Now you can see the players have swapped places and there isn't a blue line any more.

Step Six

Blue Line 6

Now click on Accept Current Pairings.

Step Seven

07. Keep on doing Blue Lines like I have explained above and you shouldn't have any problems.

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