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How To Create A Double Elimination Tournament

On this page you can find a step to step Tutorial on how to create an double elimination tournament.

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1. TD Center

TD Training Center

Click Here to go to MyLeague TD Training Center and then you will need to click on TD Login.

2. T.D. Login

T.D. Login

Sign into TD Center using any one of the Names and Password that can be found below. Now you click on Login. Just remember it is a fake TD Center so when signing into your real TD Center you must use your Real TD Name and Password.

 Name   Password 
TD 1234
TD1 1234
Canada 1234
China 1234
 Denmark  1234
France 1234
Mexico 1234
USA 1234

3. Select Ladder

Select Ladder

Click on the little arrow and select td training. I have underlined it for you too. This will be the league that you´re a td for when you do a real tournament.

4. TD Administration Center

TD Administration Center

Now you are logged into the TD Administration Center. Click on Create Tournaments. I have put a square around it for you too.

5. Choosing Your Tournament Format

Choosing Your Tournament Format

Now you´re in the tournament Setup Center. If you click on the little arrow you will see that you have got 3 different formats to choose from. These are Single-Elim, Double-Elim and Swiss System.

I have chosen to use Bracket Style (Double-Elim) as this is what I´m helping you on and then just Click on submit. I have underlined submit for you.

6. Tournament Calendar

Tournament Calendar

On this page you will choose the date you want your tournament to run. For Example: If you wanted a tour on the 29th April 2011 you would click on that date. Today´s date is always highlighted in Red.

7. Choosing Your Tournament Time

Choosing Your Tournament Time

On this page you would choose what time you want your Tournament to run. For Example: I have chosen to run the fake tour at 07:30am and I have put a square around it for you.

8. Creating Tournament (Part One)

Creating Tournament (Part One)

Now we need to do the Tournament Settings and this is what the page looks like.

9. Creating Tournament (Part Two)

Creating Tournament (Part Two)

Now you can see I have added the information that I needed to add. I have added a name of the tournament, what the game is, where the tournament is being held, number of rounds, how many minutes between rounds and LADDERBUX´S SETTINGS. I have also put a square around what I have edited. For Example: TD JUNGLE GIN TOURNAMENT as the name, Jungle Gin as the game, JUNGLE GIN/ADV/BUTTERFLY PALACE as where the tournament is being held, Game Format D/E REG 100 NO KNOCKING, 6 as the number of rounds, and 15 minutes per round. LadderBux Settings: Because this is a fake tour you will not charge an entry fee and I have underlined this for you. In a real Tournament your League will tell you how many Ladderbux´s to charge for each Tournament so For Example: you might charge 75 LadderBux for a Double-Elim Tourney so you would mark LadderBux entry fee; LadderBux to top finishers and click on little arrow and select 75. Now click on Create Tournament.

You might want to add a backdoor link to your tournament page and to do that you will need to Click Here to get your backdoor URL. Now once you have found your game and the room name you will need to right click on the room name and click on Copy Link address. Now you will need to paste it in the box by Game Room Link.

10. Your Tournament Is Created

Your Tournament Is Created

You will see this page so you will know that your tournament has been created. Now click on Return to TD Center. I have put a square around it for you.

Click Here to go to the next part of this tutorial which is How To Run A Double Elimination Tournament.

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