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1. How to Add Cbox to Your MyLeague Page

In this tutorial we will be looking at how to add a chatbox to your League page.

Drag The Arrow To Mark Your Progress

Click Here to go to Cbox website and login into your Cbox account or if you haven´t got an account make a account up by clicking on Sign Up on the Cbox home page.

2. Logged Into Your Cbox Account

Logged Into Your Cbox Account

Once you're logged into your account click on Look & Feel. Either choose Colors & Fonts (Free Account) or Edit CSS (Paid Account). (To Edit by CSS you will need to know how to edit css coding.)

3. Publishing Your Cbox

Publishing Your Cbox

Now click on Publish tab and make sure you change it to MyLeague.com and MyLeague integrated either wise the Cbox won't work. Now click on Copy to Clipboard.

4. Login to MyLeague Admin Center

Login to MyLeague Admin Center

Now login to your Admin Center.

5. Edit Modules

League Settings

Now look for Edit Modules and click on it.

6. Front Page Top

Front Page Top

Now look for Front Page Top and click on it. Now you should be on your Font Page Editor.

7. On Your Front Page Editor

Toggle HTML Source

Now click on the Editor where you see your League page this will activate your editor. Now click on Toggle HTML Source.

8. Placing Your Cbox - Part 1

HTML Editor

Now in the html look for this line. <!-- YOUR SHOUTBOX CODE GOES HERE IF YOU NEED HELP PLEASE LET ME KNOW -->. Now highlight that line and delete it.

9. Placing Your Cbox - Part 2


Now right click on your mouse and paste in the code that you copied from Cbox Website.

10. Toggle HTML Source

Toggle HTML Source

Now click on Toggle HTML Source.

11. Cbox Is In Place

Cbox Is In Place

Wow you have added Cbox to League Page.

12. Save Your Changes


Now save your work by clicking on Save.

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