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How to Add Backdoors to Your League Page

I have done the HTML for you to make life a bit simpler for you. The best place to put your Backdoors is either on Front Page Top Right or Front Page Bottom Right. I will leave this up to you. I usually put them on Front Page Top Right under Links.

Drag The Arrow To Mark Your Progress

1. Go and Get Your Backdoor Links

Go and Get Your Backdoor Links

Click Here to get all of your backdoor URL´s for your rooms. Once on Backdoors.to either click on Pogo or Yahoo tab to get your backdoor links.

2. Pogo or Yahoo Games - Part 1

Pogo or Yahoo Games - Part 1

Now let´s say you have clicked on the tab for Pogo games. You should see a list of all Pogo games and it´s the same for Yahoo games.

3. Pogo or Yahoo Games - Part 2</b>

Pogo or Yahoo Games - Part 2

Now you look for the game you want a backdoor for and click on that game name. For Example: Jungle Gin.

4. Copying Room Link

Copying Room Link

Copyinf Room Link

Now look for your Game Room name. When you have found your Game Room Name do a right click on your mouse and then click on Copy Link Address.

5. Pasting Your URL´s

Now paste it onto Notepad or Word Pad. Do this for all your game rooms URL´s and once you have got all your backdoor URL´s you will need to upload your backdoor images to Photobucket. So click on the word Photobucket ‐‐‐‐‐> Photobucket and upload all of them. I have got Pogo Games images on this website if you want to use them you may download them from my site for free.

6. Login to Admin Your Center

Admin Center

Now login to your Admin Center.

7. Edit Modules

League Settings

Now look for Edit Modules and click on it.

8. Front Page Top Right

Edit Modules

Now look for Front Page Top Right and click on it.

9. Toggle HTML Source

Toggle HTML Source

Now click on Toggle HTML Source.

10. Copying Backdoors HTML

Copying Backdoors HTML

Now click on the following link  Click Here to get Backdoor´s HTML Code and follow the instructions on the page.

11. Pasting Backdoors HTML Code

Pasting Backdoors HTML Code

Now open up Notepad or Word Pad. Now right click on your mouse and then click on paste and save it to your PC so you have got a copy for a later date.

12. HTML Editor

Look For This

Now in the HTML Editor in your Admin Center look for this line. Once you have found it add you will then need to hit once on the Enter key on your keyboard.

13. Putting This Line In

Putting This Line In

Now type in this <p><font color="#YOUR FONT COLOR CODE GOES HERE"><strong>To Use Our Backdoor´s Make Sure You Click On The Image To Enter Our Room. If The Link Don´t Work You Will Find Our Room Name Under Each Image. <br /><br /><u>TIP:</u>If You Want To Make All Of Our Embeded Room´s To Pop Up Then Do The Following:

1. On Pogo click on My Account.<br />
2. Type in your password for your pogo account and click on continue.<br />
3. Now on the left of the page click on Security.<br />
4. Scroll down the page until you find Other Settings.<br />
5. Once you have found Other Settings you will need to check mark Open games in a pop up window and click on Save Changes.</strong></p>

14. Placing Backdoors HTML On Your League Page

Backdoor Html

Now hit Enter once on your keyboard and Paste the coding you have copied from my website.

15. Coping and Pasting URL In

Coping and Pasting URL In

Now highlight where it says BACK DOOR URL GOES HERE and Copy and paste the backdoor URL that you got from backdoors.to.

16. Backdoor Image Url

Backdoor Image Url

Now Login to your Photobucket account and got to where your Backdoor Images are and look for the coding that says direct link and copy it.

17. Image URL

Image URL

Now highlight where it says Image Direct Link Goes Here and paste the direct link that you copied from Photobucket in that place.

18. Room Name

Room Name

Now highlight where it says Name Of<br />Pogo Room Goes<br />Here and type in the room name. Please make sure you leave the<br /> in place.

19. Toggle HTML Source

Toggle HTML Source

Once you have placed all your backdoors on your page you will need to click on Toggle HTML Source.

20. Backdoors Are In Place

Backdoors Are In Place

Now this is what you should see.

21. Save


Now click on Save to save your changes.

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