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How to Add a Custom Made MyLeague Page to Your League

There is some lovely Custom made MyLeague pages out there and if you don't know how to do it then this tutorial will explain the basic´s.

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1. Admin Login

Admin Login

Login in to your Admin Center using your Admin Name and Password.

2. League Settings

League Settings

Once you have logged in look for Edit Modules. You will find it under League Settings.

3. Edit Modules

Edit Modules

Now click on Edit Modules and it will open up with a list of page names that can be edited. When doing a MyLeague League Page it comes with the Custom Pages for the 3 following areas and they are Front Page Top, Front Page Right Top and Front Page Right Bottom. Now click on Front Page Top.

4. HTML Editor - Part 1

HTML Editor

This is what you should see.

5. HTML Editor - Part 2

HTML Editor

Now check mark where it says Activate and then click on the white area to activate the HTML Editor.

6. Toggle HTML Source

Toggle HTML Source

Now look on the toolbar and click on Toggle HTML Source.

7. Front Page Top File

Front Page Top

Now open up the Custom made MyLeague Page file named Front Page Top that you downloaded from the Website you got it from.

8. Copy The HTML Code

Copy The HTML Code

Now highlight all of the coding and then right click on your mouse. Now click on copy.

9. Paste The HTML Code

Paste The HTML Code

Now back over to your admin centre and do a right click on your mouse. Now click on Paste.

10. Toggle HTML Source

Toggle HTML Source

Now click on Toggle HTML Source again.

11. Custom Page Is Up

Custom Page Is Up

Wow you have put up the page. It's time to edit the text and you can do this either by Highlighting the text and just typing in what you want or if you know html then edit the page through the HTML Editor.

12. Editting Any Text

Editting Any Text

Now scroll down to News and I will tell you how to edit the text. Now highlight the first line and type in what you want to say and do the same for the other lines also.

13. Save


Now save your changes by looking on the toolbar and clicking on Save.

14. Front Page Top Right And Front Page Bottom Right

Now just repeat the same steps above for Front Page Top Right and Front Page Bottom Right.

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