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About Me


My real name is Christine Angell aka LittleAngell and I´m 51 years old. I live in Merstham, Surrey United Kingdom with my Cat Alfie. I was born on the 17th September 1963 at 8.45am. I have got 2 lovely daughters aged 26 and 17 who live with their dad but I do get to see them regularly.

I have been a TD, HTD, and Admin for 8 different League´s since 2005 and just love hosting tournaments.

The reason why I built this website is that I do know how long it takes an admin to train a new td up so I thought I would help them out a bit and also I have been inundated with Admin´s asking me how to do things on a league page so that´s why I have added the admin tutorials to this site.


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